sunnuntai 24. marraskuuta 2013


What did I do wrong to deserve this kind of destiny?
What do I have to do that my life would be better?
While I'm writing this letter,
I feel like God has abandoned me.
And at the same time He is telling me,
"that you just only have to keep believing me."
I'm in a desert and there's no way out.
I shout: "ok, just tell me what to do and please let me out!"
I'm suffering and I feel that I'm suffocating.
Sand is burning under my feet and I'm thinking:
"if I could even get some sleep."
I just keep dreaming about having a better life.
If I could just peek on the other side of the curtain.
I just want to see, is there any hope for me.
And God is telling me again: "my child, believe in me."
I'm impatient, but yet still I'm waiting.
I'm waiting goodness from my God,
although it's very hard.
And again I'm praying my God.
Waiting and knowing deep in my heart,
that light will appear trough all this dark.


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